Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Last week all of the ADI accredited service dog training organizations gathered in Oakville for a meeting of the Canadian Association of Guide and Assistance Dog Schools on puppies and breeding. It was a phenomenal opportunity for staff across Canada to network and learn. Thank you to the Lions Foundation Dog Guides of Canada for hosting the event. 

CAGADS 2019 Puppy Breeding Seminar Pic

Breaking News! For every dollar raised at Parade of Pets and People on Sept. 21st we have a generous donor willing to match the funds! This is huge for ADS so let's blow them away with our fundraising. Your $20 donation just became $40 for ADS. Your $100 donation just became $200. This is an amazing opportunity for our charity. To register or to donate:…/p2p/ParadeofPetsandPeople2019/ 


Congratulations to the following Lottery Cash Calendar Winners!  Thank you to the donors and sponsors who made this possible!

June 30 - Scott MacMeekin of Welland, ON. Cash prize of $283.33 sponsored by ADS.

June 28 - Joe Davies of Brantford, ON. $283.34 sponsored by ADS. 

June 29 - Dave Barnard of Niagara Falls, ON $50 cash prize sponsored by Mango Salad in Ingersoll, ON. 
June 27th - Melanie Johnston of Guelph. $50 cash prize sponsored by Team Braxton and Harley

June 26th - Congrats to today's big lottery cash calendar winner Stephanie Mitchell of London, ON. She has won a whopping $283.33 (sponsored by ADS) as well as a $50 gift card to Dominos Pizza, sponsored by the Stratford store.

June 25th - Tracy Gemmiti. $100 cash prize sponsored by Steve and Deb Siegworth.  

June 24th - Eleanor Damanusz of Norwich, ON.  $50 cash prize sponsored by Team Nate and Gramma. 

June 23rd - Marichka Dadic of Brantford, ON.  $100 cash prize sponsored by Tom and Jane Glavin.  

June 22nd - Bill Waters Jr. of Brantford, ON.  $100 cash prize sponsored by Hrudka Family. 

June 21st - Hedrik Vandermaas of Thorold, ON.  $100 Gift Card sponsored by Canadian Tire, Kirkland Lake. 

June 20th - Becca Reid of Exeter, ON.  $50 Gift Card sponsored by Canadian Tire, Ingersoll

June 19th - Kathleen Rea of Toronto, ON.  $100 Canadian Tire Gift Care sponsored by Canadian Tire, Kirkland Lake. 

June 18th - Brian Forti of St. George, ON $50 sponsored by Canadian Tire, Ingersoll. 

June 17th - Lauren Campbell of Hamilton, ON.  $100 gift card sponsored by Canadian Tire, Caledonia.  

June 16th - Joanne Rowe of Milton, ON. $50 cash prize sponsored by Dr. C. Templeman, Optometrist. Ticket Seller Emmy Luo
June 15 - Michelle Blake of Niagara Falls, ON. $100 cash prize sponsored by Glavin Farms. Ticket Seller Roxy Blake.
July 14th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Holly Harris of Brantford, ON. $100 sponsored prize from Jon, Suzy and Scottie Glavin. 

June 13th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Katherine Jefferson of Port Hope, ON is the $100 winner sponsored by Glavin Brothers Painting (team Gray).

June 12th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Melissa Cooper of Pickering, ON won the $50 gift card donated by Aim For Fit, Brantford. 

June 11th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Mary Catherine Dupuis of Waterloo, ON. $50 sponsored by Team Addison and her Gramma. 

June 10th Lottery Cash Calendear winner Donna Marlow of Port Robinson, ON. She is June 10th winner.  $100 provided by Atmosphere Cafe, in Guelph.

June 9th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Tammy White of Brantford. Sponsored $100 cash prize from Donna Mastrankc.

June 8th $50 Pizza Pizza card winner sponsored by the Hamilton Steelcats Hockey Club is Roberta Long of Cayuga.

June 7th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Tim Flack of Brantford, ON $100 sponsored by Pearl Robinson and ADS Axel. 

June 6th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Liz Mason of Princeton, ON. $100 cash prize sponsored by Glanbrook Veterinary Clinic of Hamilton. 

June 5th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Jason Reiger of Zurich, ON. $50 cash prize sponsored in memory of Peter Duchesne. 

June 4th Lottery Cash Calendar winner Adam Pelkmans of Embro, ON. Today's sponsor for $50 cash prize is Dr. Lisa Vettese of Toronto. 

June 3rd Lottery Cash Calendar winner Jeannine Elfner of Dunnville, ON. $50 cash prize sponsored by K9 Fun Zone.

June 2nd Lottery Cash Calendar Winner - Helen Grant of Guelph, ON. Thanks to $50 sponsor: Bank of Montreal, St.Catharines.

June 1st Lottery Cash Calendar Winner - Doug Harris, Brantford, ON. Thanks to $50 sponsor Judy Beal.


MaxwellADS is feeling very grateful. The Catherine and Maxwell Meighan Foundation has provided ADS with a generous donation. We are thrilled to have received their support since 2015 and as a result we are able to continue to help families living with autism receive much needed help from highly trained service dogs. Thank you to The Catherine and Maxwell Meighan Foundation!

Autism Dog Services (ADS) is thrilled to hear that Unity for Autism has generously committed to funding the acquisition of ten additional puppies to help increase the number of children and families assisted by our service. In addition to acquiring puppies, Unity for Autism has also committed to funding the work of a skilled autism service dog instructor (Erin Finochio) to assess, train and pair our service dogs with children. These gifts enable ADS to work towards reducing the wait list and have more service dogs assisting children to achieve safety, companionship and independence. Thank you to Unity for Autism for your continued support.#unityforautism Unity for Autismpuppy picture

About the Fund:

The 50 Small Ideas with the most votes will each receive a $10,000 prize. The 10 Big Ideas with the most votes will advance to the Judging Round, for a chance to win $100,000 or $15,000. Learn more here.

We believe that good things happen when people come together. Even great things. We get to know our neighbours. We do things to help each other. We become more resilient. That’s why this year’s theme for the Aviva Community Fund is about bringing people together to create change within our community.

To celebrate 10 years of impact, we’re donating another $1 million to fund charitable initiatives across Canada. Because communities are better together.

Vote for ADS here:

Aviva Community Fund

Thank you donors, sponsors, participants and volunteers who helped make the Parade of Pets & People last week a success! 

parade of pets

Thank you to the following donors:

Hamilton Tiger Cats
Crumps Naturals
Bosco and Roxys
K9 Fun Zone, Caledonia
Little Rays Reptile Zoo

Landmark Cinemas, Waterloo

Costco, Waterloo

Waterloo Brewing Co

Pet Food Outlet, Welland

Cave Spring Cellars

Chateau des Charmes




Dave McMahon’s Dog Training 10 week obedience course

Global Pets, Brantford

Westmount Animal Hospital, Kitchener

Hulahoop Photography

Complete K9 Services, Waterloo

NLPT (Dillan) Cambridge and Stratford

Hishon Transport (Dillon Ossendryver)

Specialty Adhesive (Dan Curl)

Veterinary Purchasing (Pat Hinnegan)

Tails Wag Inn Inc (Katie Hulshof)

Gilmour Road Veterinary Services (Liz Pask)

Active Souls Project- Sascha King

Once Upon a Lash- Nina Sucevic

Truth Niagara - Sharon Turcotte

Lighthouse Programs


Sobeys, Stratford

Strodes, Brantford

Brantford Fire Dept

Sanderson Centre

Northridge Golf Course

Arrowdale Golf Course

Ruffins, Brantford

Sobeys - Shellard Lane, Brantford

Snyder’s Family Farm, Bright, ON

Mary Kay - Lori Melitzer

Home Depot - Kitchener

Thank you to all the bidders who supported the ADS On-line Auction.  Over $2400 was raised.