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Autism Dog Services has high standards for autism service dog and facility dogs.  Some dogs do not meet the high standards for health, behaviour and temperament and are career changed. These dogs are adopted out as pet dogs to people and families who have been screened to join our adoption waiting list. 

Is A Pet Dog Adoption Right For You?

To help guide you through the process, it would be best for you to explore the following to help you determine if adopting a dog is appropriate for you. Please ensure that you are able to meet the following requirements outlined in the questions prior to reaching out to us with your inquiry.

  • Do you have the means and resources to manage and care for a pet dog? This includes costs associated with additional training, food, grooming, toys, and bedding.  You will also need to provide the dog with daily exercise and regular visits to a veterinarian.
  • Are the people you live with aware of your interest in applying to adopt a pet dog?  Are they supportive of this dog adoption?
  • Having a pet dog in your life is a big adjustment, a major lifestyle change, and long-term commitment. Do you believe you are ready for this?

Autism Dog Services is accepting new applicants for the pet dog adoption program.

Dogs that are adopted out as companion dogs do not meet the criteria to work out in public as service dogs but would make good pet dogs.  These dogs typically have behaviour or health concerns that do not permit them to work as service dogs. 

Applicants must be able to meet the financial and physical needs of supporting the needs of a pet dog, and agree to complete the application process and provide references.

Autism Dog Services screens applicants and will consider all applications regardless of race, sexual orientation, sex, or religion.  Applicants are provided with information on eligibility requirements during every part of the application process.

Autism Dog Services provides fair and equal treatment to all interested applicants interested in applying for service dogs.

For more information please contact Janine at or 519-722-6563

Apply for A Pet Dog

Who can apply to be put on the adoption list?
Companion dogs are available to residents of Ontario with travel expectations.



Adoption Fee
There is an adoption fee for a companion dog to cover some of the expenses that the dog has incurred while in the ADS training program. Fees range from $3500 – $4000

To be considered for adopting a companion dog or regular pet dog please fill out this form: Adoption Form