Autism Dog Services Inc. 


Dear Loyal Donors, Volunteers and Key Stakeholders,

First, thank you. Your loyalty over the years to Autism Dog Services (ADS) has been inspirational. By giving your time, talent and financial support, you’ve allowed ADS to provide trained service dogs to families dealing with autism. I, along with our staff that communicate with our families have heard and felt the gratitude.

Many of you have reached out during this time of isolation and have asked how you can help. Again, thank you. I’m just so elated by your concern.

As we all deal with Covid 19 I wanted to ask that you continue to keep ADS in your thoughts and giving schedules. Many of you are connected to us through social media and have heard that we’ve had to alter our routines to deal with the new normal. If you haven’t read the information, here is a link:

Your help and support at this time has never been more important. Ask your colleagues and friends to follow us on Facebook and Twitter (@autismds). Your voice is powerful, and we need you to advocate on behalf of ADS. Please remind people of the greatness ADS provides and that Autism Service Dogs provide Quality of Life. Let them know that ADS dogs are more than service animals, they are family members who provide safety, companionship and independence.

Communication during these challenging times has never been more important. Keep us apprised of the good news stories, the humanity that bonds us and makes us special. Even during a time that requires us to keep our distance from others in our community, we can support each other throughout. Speaking up for the needs that exist and sharing how you are helping can inspire others to take action as well.


Vicky Spadoni, Executive Director 

Mike Craig, Board President