Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Graydon is three and a half years old and he LOVES fans and anything mechanical that might contain a fan.

GraydonWhen Graydon grows up he says he wants to be an inventor “just like Dyson” (inventor of the Dyson fans, heaters, vacuums, and air blades). He is a very bright and talkative little spark who has already exhausted Mommy’s knowledge of electricity. He likes to call Grandpa in BC and talk to him about generators, air conditioner compressors, hydraulics or any other mechanical subject. Luckily, Grandpa knows all about these things. Graydon has an impeccable memory and remembers everything!

He attends a typical preschool and does well in a structured setting with the help of an aid two mornings a week. With some extra direction he participates in the classroom. He does not play like most children and struggles with social communication, any group of more than three or four, new settings, and noisy places. Graydon prefers to stay in the house with his fans and getting him out the door is always a struggle unless we’re going somewhere that has more fans.

Graydon also loves dogs. When he is with a friendly dog he is very much like a typical boy. He likes to throw a ball for the dog, go for walks, give it treats, and lots and lots of kisses. We had not considered a service dog for Graydon until the first time we saw him interact with a 10 year old Labrador Retriever named “Maggie” who was visiting our neighbours. For the first time we saw that he was more interested in the dog than the ceiling fans at our neighbour’s house. He laid with Maggie in her doggie bed and petted and talked to her. He kissed and hugged her and talked about her for days. That was when I first called Autism Dog Services. When Wade and his dog, Madison, came to meet us for our interview Graydon cried and pleaded with Wade to take him to Wade’s next appointment. Graydon almost never cares when someone leaves but he wanted to be with Madison. We have been on the wait list since December 2012 and are very eager for Graydon to get his dog. There are so many places to go and things to do that will be helped greatly by the calming presence of a service dog. It is also a fantastic way to generate social communication with his peers. We also like the companionship and added safety a dog will bring him.

To make a donation in honour of Graydon please visit his giving page.