Autism Dog Services Inc. 

Ethan is a fun-loving and kind 10-year old boy. He really loves animals, and wants to become an animal researcher.

ethan max1He’s even created projects in his free time to help endangered species. Ethan is a very empathetic boy; he always wants to help other people and environment. He tries hard to be independent and friendly. Ethan has a high functioning autism disorder. He’s upset at his diagnosis and feels misunderstood. He is unhappy that his life is different. He has made great strides to keep up in his school work. However, because of his disorder, he struggles to make friends and meet the teachers’ expectations at school. Thus, he often feels lonely, frustrated, and not good enough. One of his few friends is Cutie (a stuffed animal). Our family is very worried about Ethan’s depressive and lonely thoughts. Ethan needs a friend that loves and cares for him unconditionally and does not demand him to be neurotypical. A service dog would fulfil those criteria. A dog would allow him learn and develop in more positive ways. He would learn to control his emotions. Furthermore, taking care of his dog would allow him to feel good, valuable, not misunderstood and anchor him in his social environment. Knowing that Ethan has a good friend to comfort and secure him would help reduce our family’s stress and bring peace back.

As Ethan says, “I am lonely. My dog and I would take care of each other. And he would understand me and be my protector”.

Ethan’s family

-Grace, Henry, and Ellen

Please visit Ethan’s Giving Page to make a donation in honour of his service dog.