Autism Dog Services Inc. 


Prior to completing the request for an application please ensure you meet the following criteria:

1) Your child is 3-18 years of age and has been diagnosed with autism or a related disorder.
2) We provide service to most parts of the Greater Toronto Area, Hamilton areas, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, London or surrounding areas.
3) You have direct access to a fenced yard space at your residence.
4) You are willing to find a replacement home for any current pet dogs if requested to do so by ADS.
5) You have time and energy to devote to caring for and assisting your child daily with their service dog.
6) You are financially able to provide adequate food and veterinary care for the service dog.
7) You will attend mandatory workshops with ADS once approved. 

Please note that ADS provides assessment and screening for all interested applicants. ADS is not able to disclose reasons or information to applicants who are not eligible for service.



1st Stage: Complete on-line Application Request Form.

2nd Stage: Full Application and forms will be sent to you (after the on-line application request has been screened) with instructions on how to submit and complete and due date.

3rd Stage: Return your application, letter of reference, forms and non-refundable application processing fee ($50) to ADS.

4th Stage: Phone interview for further screening and information is provided. This step takes about 20 minutes. If criteria are met, you will be approved and notified for an in-home interview for further assessment. An in-home interview will be arranged for further screening with an ADS staff member and service dog. The interview is approximately 1 hour long. All family members and pets must be present.

5th Stage: The family will be advised whether they are approved or not for a service dog. If approved, the family will be added to the waiting list and will begin preparing to be matched with a service dog.

7th Stage: Mandatory Workshops. Families/Parents are required to attend a minimum of 6 mandatory workshops. There will be an opportunity for the families/parents to attend more than 6 workshops and ADS encourages families to attend as many as possible.  Workshops are typically held on Saturdays from 10 am – 12 pm.

It is our goal to partner with wait list families and provide them with our service. The value of each service dog is $25, 000. This is the cost of breeding, raising, training, placing and providing follow-up to each family for the working life of the service dog. Families are encouraged to partner with ADS by participating in fundraising to help support our program to the best of their ability. ADS is very grateful for any fundraising support from wait list families. Please note that fundraising is voluntary. 

Final Stage: Placement and Family Training
Once a match has been determined by ADS staff, arrangements will be made for you to meet the service dog. This period of time is when parents/guardians learn how to work with their child’s new service dog and facilitate the relationship between the dog and child. The child and service dog are united during this part of the process. Please plan to schedule off a week from work to allow for traveling for training with ADS when the service dog is placed in your home. On-going instruction, training and support are provided to each family by ADS for the working life of the service dog.